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Usually when you hear of someone doing “online shopping”, is your instinct to think of Amazon or some other large box store’s website? Hopefully not, because although large box stores and websites like Amazon have caused a decrease in the variety of local brick and mortar stores, those companies that have been squeezed out of their phyical stores make finding their products very easy online. They want you to buy from their website!

What is this site?

We Show You Where You Can Buy Things Online (is that too basic?)


The amount of health-related services and products available online may surprise you! It’s extremely convienent to use services such as online heath tests and discreet product delivery, due to the privacy and efficiency they provide.


Whether we’re talking sports, games, online streaming services, concert tickets, guided tour packages, or anything else, find it here. Bread and circuses are okay sometimes.



Ooh la la, fashionista heaven. Shoes, boots, outfits, and stores don’t close at eleven. *We also feature men’s fashion.

Everyday Items

We’re on the web. As long as trucks keep moving on the highways and planes are still in the air, the everyday items you need can easily be found online and delivered to your doorstep.


Shop Differently 

We’re not saying that there iss anything wrong with the big online stores that you’re is already aware of, it’s just that if you limit your online shopping habits to only the big websites, your selection WILL be limited. Many companies simply do not sell their products on these other websites. That’s where abovethebuzz.com comes in.

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The internet has made it easier than ever to find what you are looking for, be it mundane items such as towels or a rare novel long out of print.

You don’t need to give in to the seeming monopoly on eyewear; in 2020, there’s better options than paying $1,000 for glasses. You can find stylish, effective, and inexpensive vision products without leaving your bed.

Walking into your favorite store is often just as exciting as it is overwhelming. When that store has a great website, you can have that same feeling in your pajamas!

BuiltBar.com is one of the best sites to find the protein bars and beverage boosters you need.

Staying healthy in modern, developed society can be a tricky business. Between family responsibilities and work obligations, finding the time to eat properly and maintain a proper diet can be difficult. The protein bars found on BuiltBar.com are consistently high in protein, at least 15 grams per bar, and also feature several grams of fiber as well.

“I Tripled the size of my email lists!”

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Western Digital carries products for every situation

Western Digital has been a groundbreaking company in technology for decades. Their products, solutions, and innovations have consistently been the highest quality available products on the market; the company is decorated with fantastic reviews and amazing rewards for their work.


Shop on Any Device, Even Your Fridge

Have you ever bought daipers while holding a baby in one hand and your phone in the other? Maybe you’re at home, planning a trip? We always find ourselves in different purchasing positions, whether it’s physical location or mental state, the device on which you do your shopping will vary. The stores we feature on this site are accessible on any device.

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Blue jeans, art supplies, medical tests, toys, electronics, and much more. Check out a few of our featured stores below.

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The Variety = The Convienence

The possibilities are endless. The variety of stores featured on this site allows for a headstart in an effort to branch out from the average, everyday online stores that we all know so well.