Air fryers | The Cool New Way to Fry Food

Air fryers | The Cool New Way to Fry Food

For the love of some crispy, delectable, dip-able goodness – who wouldn’t want fried foods? Talk about some french fries, donuts, fried streaks or fried chicken nuggets! Those dishes are as old as…

For the love of some crispy, delectable, dip-able goodness – who wouldn’t want fried foods? Talk about some french fries, donuts, fried streaks or fried chicken nuggets! Those dishes are as old as time itself, making a complete delicacy statement when dipped in any mouthwatering sauce. But for some health issues, some people find themselves being prompted to either go with moderation or totally steer clear of fried foods dripping in greasy oil.

When you find yourself in this situation, which way do you go? It’s the classic battle of temptation. Do you just give up on what you love or seek to find a better way around it? Well enough of the story – that’s where air fryers come in handy. You can actually fry without drenching in oil, lending you a great opportunity to keep your health in check. We can thank advancements in technology for items that help us create tasty dishes that are healthier than the traditional way of preparing them.

How Do Air fryers Work?

Air fryers are machines that fry delicious dishes without compromising on taste and quality. This item works just like the deep fryers, only that they are a much more considerable option for a more healthy approach that presents frying with hot air. This incredible item creates amazingly tasty fried-style foods with little to no additional cooking oil (sometimes barely a tablespoon) that keeps you away from fat and unhealthy lifestyle. With the hot air, your food cooks very quickly giving you time to focus on other things.

Hot air is generated from an electric coil heating chamber within the item and the air is circulated throughout the entire cooking compartment with the aid of a fan chamber that keeps the air moving around quickly. Following this process, whatever you have inside the air fryer cooks from inside out, leaving you with an interior yummy and outer crusty coating just like fried foods. While you might want to call it baking, considering the hot air procedure, grab a bite and you know exactly why they call it an air fryer.

Why would I need an Air Fryer?

With a fast-paced changing environment in technology and cooking, many people strive for a way to have healthy, yet delicious meals. The real question to ask is – why would you not need this item? If you want to enjoy the traditional taste and texture of typically deep fried foods, air fryers are your go to option. If your health doesn’t permit consumption of fried food – here’s an opportunity to play a trick on it. Air fryers deliver and replicate the same goodly crisp exterior and ooey gooey interior of fried goods without needing all that oil. More so, while people may say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, with an alternative healthy method like “air fryers” available, you are sure to keep the doctor away for a very long time (not actual medical advice!). When you use an air fryer (like those from Philip), you are setting yourself for an about 80% reduction in fat consumption – care to talk about a healthy lifestyle, sparing you fat and calories? Air fryers are the “IT” thing right now!

What is the history of Air Fryers?

Just like every other market, the market for kitchen gadgets have welcomed quite a lot of technological advancements. Seemingly out of nowhere, new appliances that promise more usefulness and longevity spring up and the market becomes flooded with many product types. Before the heroic entry of air fryers, consumers were pretty much stuck with the traditional deep fryers. The main differences were in size and available accessories. Over time, the need for healthier approach to frying food led to the introduction of the first ever air fryer.

In the third quarter of 2010, air fryers stormed the market, standing tall as an answer to all areas of healthy cooking and eating struggle. This feat was achieved by the Philips Electronic Company. The first ever air fryers introduced by the company were based on a very simple design founded on a scientific principle called the Maillard effect. This holds to account the fact that hot air is said to trigger a chemical reaction that bonds amino acids, delivering the texture, taste and irresistible scent that fried foods have.

After Philips introduced this innovation, just as trends always spell attention and competition, in no time other companies began the production of products similar to Philips air fryers. These items, less than a decade old have come in to unceremoniously over take the use of deep fryers.

Air Fryers | Which options are available?

If you have decided to get an air fryer, there are numerous options out there. But here’s something worthy of consideration. Since the emergence of their first ever air fryer, Philips has hardly changed any feature or design and have been getting commendations from their users. This goes to show “the old but gold” remark in the real sense of it. Philips boasts of some economic, convenient and long lasting air fryers available in the market. However there are several other good products in the market but here are some things to look out for when deciding on which version to buy

  • Choose the air fryer that is able to perform a number of functions as some air fryers are limited to only basic functions. This helps you to eliminate the need for too many gadgets, lending you some cabinet and counter space.
  • Be sure to take into consideration the capacity of your fryer. Be sure to choose one that is large enough.
  • Go for air fryers that give you a number of setting options, even pre-programmed settings (say for certain foods) so you don’t go wrong on cooking…you won’t even have to think about the settings.  
  • Be sure to go for a high powered unit, as the higher the watts, the faster your food will cook.