is every artist’s dream studio. From canvas selection and first sketches to the final finishing touches of colour, will help supply each artist along every step of his creative journey. Paints,… is every artist’s dream studio. From canvas selection and first sketches to the final finishing touches of colour, will help supply each artist along every step of his creative journey. Paints, pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, and more; any medium imaginable is available for purchase from Set up entirely by a group of creators, the site’s motto of inspiring and getting inspired transpires from every corner of their website.

Art supplies at your fingertips with recognizes the power of art for its ability to unleash people’s creativity unlike anything else. It is precisely for this reason that their website is dedicated to providing professionals and amateurs alike with the tools required for them to express themselves freely. They aspire to make art into an all-inclusive practice by offering high quality art supplies at an affordable price. An artist is only as good as its tools and is very well aware of that in its ambition to provide everyone with the means of achieving their full potential.

Where did come from? was born right out of the heart of artists like those they are now catering for. Originally from Delaware, the company has grown out of its aspiration to make art into a part of everyone’s life. They sought out the most effective way of spreading their passion to the rest of the world by the opening an e-commerce to deliver high quality and affordable art supplies to every corner of the US.

In a competitive market filled with long-standing brands and companies, Arteza’s own name has made a notable mark for itself since its early creation in 2016. Within a year of its first product launch, the site was already stocked up with over 50 different supplies. Today, one would need a private studio to hold every last item sold on the site. It is a brand for artists, created by artists and it therefore comes as no surprise that every one of their sets, be it of acrylics or brush pens, is carefully selected and assembled to perfectly fit into anyone’s atelier.


Walking into an art supply store is often just as exciting as it is overwhelming. With stacks of different papers or racks of coloured pencils, it is certainly way too easy to get lost choosing between a slightly larger or thinner brush size. preserves this excitement all the whilst providing a well-organized and easily accessible selection of art supplies. Every dry or wet medium and rough or soft surface is neatly categorized in the relevant section and accompanied by an informative description. You can browse through reviews, shipping options and product reviews to find out every last detail on a product.

The main page greets you with a selection of best sellers and new arrivals for you to get inspired by all the latest crazes and suggestions. Always keen to reward their loyal customers, also offers a large selection of weekly deals for those hoping to save up on some of their favourite products.

A trusty search bar follows you around the site to be at your disposable whenever you need to look something up, in which case chances are that they will indeed have it. Similarly, a 24/7 support service will answer any one of your queries and help you find your next source of creative inspiration.’s dedication to their customers is also featured in their blog page filled with interesting and impressive art tutorials for every level and time availability.

A tool for all inspirations

From watercolor pencils to gel pens, boasts a remarkable range of art supplies to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. The site has divided its extensive selection under the following categories:

  • Markers & Pens
  • Paint & Mediums
  • Pencils & Pastels
  • Paper & Boards
  • Canvas & Surfaces
  • Art Sets & Bundles
  • Crafting
  • Brushes & Tools
  • Kids Art Supplies
  • Office & Business

Whether you are hoping to finish your masterpiece or just dabble with some new techniques, has a paint and brush to match your creative inspirations. Many of their products come with a size option to ensure that you are only paying for what you need and nothing else. Each item is accompanied by a description of its most useful aspects and convenient features.

You may also find various sets and bundles readily combined for your use. Ideal for beginners, you can choose from paint or drawing bundles that include all the mediums, tools and surfaces needed for you to get started on your masterpiece as soon as it is delivered to your doorstep. Shipping and Returns Policy offers shipping within three to five business days to all of its US customers entirely free of charge. You may also request an expeditated shipping for a small fee to have it delivered to your door in less than three business days. One should note that the site is not able to deliver orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands as well as US PO boxes for the moment.

If you happen to be dissatisfied with the product you have received, will give you the option to send back the relevant items and apply for a complete refund. The site is dedicated to maintaining their customers’ satisfaction to a maximum.

Arteza Watercolor Pencils

Final Thoughts on

Whether you keep running out of paint or have been reticent to buy your first set of acrylic paints, is the ideal stop for any artist to purchase their supplies from. With a professional yet easy to use interface, you can browse through this artistic paradise at your guise. The brand is also driven by a sustainable instinct and environmental awareness as it has pledged to contribute part of every purchase to reforestation. Ultimately, the site makes it both accessible and affordable for anyone to get all the tools necessary to unleash their creative spirit. is the first step along your artistic journey.