They say that abs are built in the gym but made in the kitchen, and it’s definitely true: becoming fit takes both a great workout routine and a healthy diet. Enter BuiltBar.com. Each…

They say that abs are built in the gym but made in the kitchen, and it’s definitely true: becoming fit takes both a great workout routine and a healthy diet. Enter BuiltBar.com. Each of the two promote each other; you’ve probably already found out that when you go to the gym, you feel more motivated to eat healthy. When you eat healthy and feel good, your body wants to go to the gym. Both of these build off of each other; the most difficult part of getting the body you want is getting started.

Once you have the motivation to start, most people start by going to the gym instead of changing their diets. That’s a great way to begin, but it’s not enough to make the lifestyle changes necessary to really change your life. Finding the right blend of the right macronutrients is absolutely necessary to promoting a healthy change in your life.

Getting Fit with builtbar.com

Take this for example. Let’s say your goal is to lose weight, like tens of millions of other Americans across the nation. If you’re of average height and weight, and you go run two miles you’ll burn 250-300 calories. That’s fantastic. If you don’t change your diet, however, it is far easier to eat that and more after your workout than you might think. Say you reward yourself with a candy bar; right away, that 250 calories you burned is completely wasted.


What happened? You didn’t eat the right foods that would sustain your body and do it good. Empty calories lead to overeating, which leads to weight gain, even if you are working out and doing everything right. On builtbar.com, you can find the perfect protein bar that you need to fulfill your macronutrient requirements. With Built Bars, you won’t just be building your perfect body at the gym; you’ll make it with your diet.

About builtbar.com

There are tons of different protein bars out there; you’re probably asking yourself, why should you choose the Built Bar? Builtbar.com set out to create something different from your average protein bar. The typical protein bar is dense, hard to chew, and tastes gritty. Often you can taste the feeling of synthetic protein. The Built Bar is completely different. Rather than being dense, it is light and fluffy, and it is covered in perfectly light and healthy dark chocolate. When you eat a Built Bar, you don’t feel like you’re eating a protein bar; you feel like you’re cheating on your diet.

Unlike the other protein bars on the market, Built Bars don’t just focus on getting protein down your gullet; they focus on making sure you get all the good protein you want without any of the bad stuff. The average protein bar has 200 calories, with the majority of the calories actually coming from carbs and fat. Built Bars only have 110 calories, and the majority of them come from the protein in each and every bite.

Unlike their competitors, they only have 4 grams of fat in each bar. They also only have 5 net carbs, which is extremely low compared to other popular protein bars. They have just 4 grams of sugar, no nuts, and they have 5 grams of fiber, which is more than average. Finally, they have 15 grams of protein, which is above average, especially considering the fact that you’re getting all that protein for half the calories of a normal protein bar. Don’t worry; it doesn’t feel like you’re eating half of a bar. Each bar is packed with nutrients and feels like you’re eating a full meal.


The other thing that makes the Built Bar so good is the fact that it has dozens of different flavors; there’s definitely a flavor out there for everyone, regardless of your tastes. They have strawberry, raspberry, caramel, lemon, mint, orange, coconut, chocolate, and that’s just to name a few. There is no gluten in any of the bars, no GMOs, and no added junk. That’s right, Built Bars are gluten-free.

Navigating builtbar.com

When you go to the builtbar.com website, you’ll see a ton of great flavors that pop right up on the screen. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a few different tabs. There is a home tab, the shop now, nutrition, rewards, contact us, and reviews. There are more than 46,770 reviews on the website, so there are tons of reliable people who have previously purchased the bars and have great opinions to share.


By clicking on the shop now button, you’ll see all of the different flavors that are available in different sizes and different varieties. Many people go with a mixed box for their first order; it’s a great way to taste all of the different flavors and decide what your favorite is. You’ll get all 15 different flavors in a box of 18 bars, so you will definitely have some picked out as your favorite by the end of the process. You can also just go straight for the ones that sound good; some of the highest reviewed include the peanut butter, the double chocolate mousse, and the lemon chocolate crème, which is back by popular demand but perhaps only for a limited time.

Rewards Program

Joining the rewards program on the website is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re always getting the best deal possible. You can sign up quickly and easily on the website and start collecting points right away. Points are earned for doing things like following Built Bar on Instagram, Facebook, and by celebrating your birthday. Points can be used for exclusive discounts, so make sure to make an account before your first purchase so you can take advantage of the low prices you get for signing up.

If you’re going to change your lifestyle, you need to be serious about it. As difficult as it is to change both exercise habits and dietary habits, both are necessary to really change your life. Starting with Built Bars is a great way to start having a healthier diet – you and your body will thank you for your investment!

Staying healthy in modern, developed society can be a tricky business. Between family responsibilities and work obligations, finding the time to eat properly and maintain a proper diet can be difficult. A lot of health products have entered the market to assist people faced with limited food options and unlimited fast food possibilities. Fortunately there are products on the market to help mitigate the disasters of fast food, most commonly found in form of a beverage or bar. Protein bars and shakes are popular not just for their convenience but also their health benefits.

Why Built Bar Protein bars?

Protein bars especially are incredibly handy for their high protein count and fiber content to counter the entire bar consumption process. Plenty of companies offer protein bars or bars that are styled as protein bars. For the genuine article, one of the best sites on the market is BuiltBar.com.

The protein bars on this sight are consistently high in protein, at least 15 grams per bar, and also feature several grams of fiber as well. Along with their high protein content and fiber inclusion, the website has one of the widest varieties of flavors when it comes to protein bars. Over ten flavors are available on the site, including limited releases such as the s’more flavor.

The bars can be purchased in boxes of 18, either as a surprised mixed boxes guaranteed to have 14 different flavors, such as double chocolate mousse or mint brownie delight, as boxes of a single flavor, or even as build your own boxes with the flavors you want in a quantity you desire. You can’t buy individual bars, but the site does offer free shipping on all purchases. The site overall is very easy to navigate, with colorful images of their products displayed front and center below the various navigational tools. Nutritional information is provided for all their products, and, to top it off, they offer a more you buy, more you save program, where if you order two or more purchases you can save 7% on your order, and the deals only increase from there.

Other Builtbar.com Products

BuiltBar.com sells more than bars, though. They also sell specially formulated drink additives called Built Boost. These powders are individually packaged but come in 30 count boxes. Caffeine free with zero calories, these beverage boosters come in delicious flavors such as pineapple strawberry and fruit punch. The buy more and save more deal applies to both the bars and boosters, so you can buy one box of each and still save.


With free shipping, plenty of variety in their products, and an easy to navigate yet colorful website, BuiltBar.com is one of the best sites to find the protein bars and beverage boosters you need. Whether you’re looking for something to boost your workout or hold you over on long shifts on the job or the road, the products on the site are easy to find and easy to purchase. The only issue might be picking which flavors you want to buy, or if you should just try them all to find your favorite.