Classic Board Games – a Blast from the Past

When you hear the phrase “Classic Board Games”, there are probably certain images that get conjured up in your mind, such as Mr. Moneybags, little pink and blue...

Classic Board games

When you hear the phrase “Classic Board Games”, there are probably certain images that get conjured up in your mind, such as Mr. Moneybags, little pink and blue pegs, and that cute little horsey on the chess board. Nowadays, some people are hard-core bored game players. They play board games such as Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Bohnanza. Those games are amazing and can be the basis of many fun nights with friends, but we all know there are those classic board games that you will find in any game shop. These games include:


Have you ever wanted to escape your life and start from scratch? I mean in a game, of course. This game almost has a transcendental nature to it, where you can live out the life of someone else. As you start this game, you spin the wheel and make choices to get different options that shape just how your life turns out. College or career? Will you get married and have children? Twins maybe? Will you live in a mansion or out on the countryside? Just like in real life, you have to make these choices in the game of Life too. Luckily, these choices are much easier to make when you are moving pieces of plastic around on a game board, versus in real life.


The pinnacle of all things logic and strategy, chess is a board game which that can trace its origins to the Romans and perhaps earlier. The Romans used this game to strategize about how to defeat the enemy, both on the battlefield and in the mind. The goal of Chess is to eliminate the other player’s king. A standard chess board has 64 squares, 32 are black and 32 are white. Each player has 16 pieces and there are six different types of pieces on the board, and each piece is allowed to move across the board in a different way. Usually there is a winner in Chess but the game can end in a stalemate if a player cannot move without putting their king in check.


Do you ever dream of being an entrepreneur and building a dynasty which would last forever? Or are you more of a banker, that wants to dole out cash to those that wish to pursue their entrepreneurial goals? If you can find a group of friends that can make it through the entire game without flipping the board, then Monopoly is the game for you. Be sure to keep your Get out of Jail card handy until you really need it. Monopoly is a board game focused on managing estates, so as you play the game and attempt to monopolize the entire board, your goal is to make it so difficult for other players to move freely on the board that they have to pay you rent on every turn. This will eventually bankrupt your opponents and you will LITERALLY evolve into Mr. MoneyBags himself. Because of it’s popularity, many people even play monopoly online. There is also a version of Monopoly tailored for kids, which is called Monopoly Junior.

Board Games and your Brain

Along with being just plain old wholesome fun, most classic board games help strengthen our minds and help us to think critically. Even when we are just having a good time with our friends, our minds are engaged in the rules of the game and your strategy could be the difference between leaving game night empty handed or with some bragging rights. Many classic board games can be played with a group of people, making it fitting for a perfect family fun night.

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