My Pillow – A Memory Foam Pillow with a Story

My Pillow – A Memory Foam Pillow with a Story

My Pillow is a brand of pillows created for troubled sleepers by troubled sleepers. If you live in the USA, you’ve probably come across one of their ads in recent times. Ever since…

My Pillow is a brand of pillows created for troubled sleepers by troubled sleepers. If you live in the USA, you’ve probably come across one of their ads in recent times. Ever since CEO Mike Lindell was young, he was never able to find a quality pillow and therefore was never able to get a good night’s sleep. He tried every pillow on the market, and teenage Mike even spent his entire paycheck on an expensive pillow, only to find he was still tossing and turning during the night and waking up with a stiff neck.

Mike Lindell – The Face of MyPillow

As an adult, Mike pursued several business ideas (bars, restaurants) but eventually came back to the pillow. In 2004 he was still having problems sleeping and got the idea to create his own perfect pillow. It took him about a year to get the formula correct but he did it. After several years of marketing the pillow by attending trade shows in Minnesota and surrounding areas, MyPillow gained success. They also began running infomercials and radio ads that massively helped the growth of sales. This greatly increase Mike Lindell’s net worth. By 2018 MyPillow had sold over 40 million pillows and grew from a small company of 5 employees to an enterprise with over 1600 employees and 15 retail locations.

Polyurethane foam and adjustable pillows, oh my!

So what makes My Pillow better than other pillows on the market, even the expensive luxury pillows that didn’t work for Mike? My Pillows are created with a special patented design, made out of a blend of interlocking open cell poly-foam (polyurethane foam). Each pillow contains hundreds of pieces of special cut foam to get the ideal shape and provide the perfect amount of support. Mike spent over a year researching and testing out almost a hundred different types of foam to get the formula just right. In order for the pillow to maintain its shape, the foam contains a special resin that holds it in place according to the user’s preference.

Neck and shoulder pain relief?

The My Pillow fill conforms to the shape of your head and comes in different sizes so anyone can find a pillow that works for them, unlike standard one size fits all pillows. My Pillow comes in five different sizes/fills based on age, gender, neck/shoulder length, and sleeping position. You can figure out what size you need by consulting the guides and videos on the website or by talking to a customer service representative. For example, a tall man with broad shoulders who sleeps on his side needs a pillow with extra filling to ensure his pillow has the right amount of space between his head and his shoulder. A petite woman who sleeps on her stomach needs a pillow with minimal filling because she takes up a lot less space. A simple way to figure out which size pillow you need is by using your t-shirt size, as outlined by the guide on the My Pillow website.

Small Memory Foam Pillow (if needed)

Since the shape of My Pillow’s hold so well, it’s recommended to go down a size if needed. Many people are accustomed to pillows going flat and reducing in size with time, and might be inclined to go up a size. My Pillow warns against this as the user may end up disappointed because the pillow will stay too high! Each pillow comes with a 10 year warranty that it will hold its shape from the first day until the very last. Plus, it’s machine washable so care and maintenance is simple as can be.

MyPillow Sleep Study

Besides Lindell’s extensive research on how to create the perfect pillow, a sleep study has been conducted to test out My Pillow against user’s regular pillows and goose down pillows. The study found that users who slept with My Pillow increased their amount of deep sleep, had less interruptions during the night, reduced snoring, daytime fatigue, and had an overall better quality of sleep. Many participants refused to go back to using their regular pillows after sleeping with My Pillow.

NASA and Foam Pillows

Foam pillows have been a staple in the pillow/bedding market for several years now. Memory foam was originally created in the 1960s for astronauts, but has since been adapted to the mainstream market once companies began seeing its potential for daily use. The first company to start using foam products was Fagerdala World Foams in the 1980s, who created the first Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Memory foam products have gone through several changes since their introduction to the bedding market. Initially memory foam was very expensive and inaccessible to many people. Consumers also complained about its heat-retaining properties; sometimes the products would make it too hot and uncomfortable to sleep. Second and third versions of memory foam were created to perfect the product, and the open cell structure was introduced to improve breathability.

Memory Foam Gel

In 2006 memory foam gel was introduced. This kind of memory foam has less heat retaining properties and faster spring back time than the original version. By 2011 memory foam mattresses and pillows had become commonplace in the bedding market, and also a lot more affordable. Nowadays memory foams are being combined with complementary products such as aloe vera gel, activated charcoal, and green tea extract to reduce odor or rayon to wick away moisture.

Mike Lindell Case Study

Mike Lindell began developing My Pillow right after the main rise and development of memory foam. This allowed him to test out so many different versions to find the right formula and create the pillow of his dreams. From the start he has been passionate about being the face of his company and sharing his story, whether it was with real customers he met at local trade show, writing his own newspaper ads, or starring in his own commercials (he declined the offer of hiring a professional actor, insisting that he be the one to talk about his pillows).

Pillow preference is a very specific and personal thing. It would be impossible to create a universal perfect pillow, since we all have so many different requirements. Love My Pillow or hate it, you’ve got to give it to Mike Lindell. As someone who suffered from troubled sleeping and its negative effects on daily life, Mike was committed to creating the best product to resolve his sleep problems once and for all. Through years of hard work and perseverance he succeeded. He’s living the American Dream, and now he’s sleeping it too.