Is STDcheck legit? Short answer, yes! In the United States, around 15% of people with HIV are not aware that they have the disease. This number is estimated to be 165,000 people but…

Is STDcheck legit? Short answer, yes! In the United States, around 15% of people with HIV are not aware that they have the disease. This number is estimated to be 165,000 people but could be much higher. Early detection is essential to HIV and all STDs to receive proper medication. For that reason, early STD screening is so important.

At Home STD Test with

Getting checked for STDs is a necessity for anyone who is sexually active. Still, many people are embarrassed by it and are turned off by the idea that they themselves should be checked for STDs. Sadly, STDs are becoming increasingly common, and rather than being closed minded, it is the responsibility of each individual to be knowledgeable and be tested to avoid their continuous spread.

There is still a stigma around STDs in general and getting checked for STDs, but there shouldn’t be. Put aside the stigma and recognize how important it is that you make sure you and your potential sexual partners are STD free – it very well could save your life.

Thanks to, getting screened for these diseases is no longer a huge, embarrassing ordeal as it may have seemed in the past. Now, you have the ability to order the test discreetly online and go to your local lab for a quick 5-minute test. It has never been easier, more affordable, or faster. And with lives at stake, it’s time for you to get yourself checked up and taken care of.

What is is the online platform to go to for STD checks, whether you fear you have a disease or not. They specialize in getting patients in and out of the lab quickly with accurate results even if exposure to the STD was recent.

What makes unique is the chance to order online; there’s no need to call anyone or go in person to make the appointment. For those who are shy or embarrassed about exposure to STDs, it’s an option that makes a lot of sense.

History of

STDCheck is a private company which was started in 2010. It started small but quickly grew into a nationwide company. Today, there are over 4,500 labs nationwide that are accessible through STDCheck – and this number is always growing.

In the last decade, hundreds of thousands of people have chosen the STI Test Kit through Through their fantastic service and booming business operations, they continue to grow across the nation and bring confidential STD testing to the nation. It shows in the ratings: has an A+ on the BBB.

Navigating is expertly organized to create a smooth, great experience for the consumer. Upon entering the website, you’ll be greeted with a clean, organized home screen.

Quickly, you’ll see the two most important things you need to know: a button to find out tests and prices, and a button to find out lab locations.

Here’s one of the best parts of it’s customizable for your unique situation. You can get a fantastic deal if you want to be screened for the 10 most common STDs; or you can pick to be tested only for diseases you’re worried about. It’s all up to you.

Another thing that makes the STDCheck service so unique and personal is early detection exam available for HIV. STDCheck has one of the earliest tests available; incredibly, it shows conclusive results 9-11 days after contact, and often produces correct results within 6 days. They’ve truly revolutionized the at home STD test.

Upon clicking on the locations tab, you’ll have the chance to put in your zip code and find the labs that are nearest to you.

I put in my home zip code in Utah and found out that the nearest lab to me was less than a mile away, which is astounding. Depending on your location, it’s likely that a lab is similarly close to you. understands that you have a busy schedule and likely work. For that reason, many of the labs are open on Saturdays, making it possible for you to get your test according to your schedule. It’s also advantageous to have weekends as an option because you can choose to be discreet; you don’t need to request time off of work to get the exam done. And, as stated before, the testing only takes about five minutes so there’s no need to worry about a large time commitment.

How to Get a Screening

Once you’ve made the decision to be screened, head to and find the location that best suits your needs. You’ll then pay for the services online, rather than having to pay for them in person. This is opportune because you won’t need to speak in public with a receptionist to pick your desired services; there’s no embarrassment at all throughout any step of the process. Also, you only need to be 16 years old to receive these services without parental consent, so it’s perfect for minors who desire to be screened but don’t have the support of their parents.

Once you’ve signed up for your desired services, you can visit your specified lab – no appointment necessary. Since the services only take five minutes, you aren’t required to sign up in advance. You can go in at any time and you’ll always get in and out within a few minutes. Since the sign-up and paperwork is all done online, you won’t need to do any other paperwork. You’ll state your name and receive your services. It’s that easy.

Your results will be delivered online within a few days. They will not be reported to anyone else and you won’t have to worry about your identity being compromised.

Final Thoughts on Buying the At-Home STD Test You Need

Tragically, the number of people with HIV continues to grow in the United States at alarming rates. Around 1.1 million people in the U.S. have HIV. If you are sexually active, it’s extremely important to be regularly checked for STDs. Catching these diseases early makes treatment much easier and much more effective. Use to test yourself for STD’s and STI’d at home– your safety and peace of mind is worth it.