Air quality data for 2019, complied by IQAir, showed that 90% of the global population breathe dangerously polluted air. We see the Coronavirus dominating headlines every day, but we don’t recognize the silent killer: low air quality. Breathing in dangerous air contributes to seven million annual deaths; it’s certainly a topic that needs to be explored and taken care of.

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A big issue contributing to the pollution crisis facing the world is that air quality isn’t even being measured in many third world countries. What isn’t being measured certainly cannot be fixed, and funding needs to be expanded to include these areas in poverty. It is expected that impoverished countries that lack air quality reporting probably have the most pollution; it’s essential that these areas be measured and then addressed.

IQAir is working to combat the issue of pollution and help make the world a safer place for everyone. They develop products to purify air and also play a large part in contributions to worldwide air quality detection technology.

What is IQAir?

IQAir is a Swiss-based, air quality technology company that has been producing high quality air purifiers since 1963. IQAir also helps communities have get clean their air by helping spread quality information.

The air purifiers produced by IQAir are consistently rated the highest quality purifiers on the market. Their purifiers filter out every potentially dangerous particle in the air up to particles as small as .003 microns, which is 10x smaller than viruses. They are the only purifiers on the market that have the technology to filter air so effectively.

IQAir was started by brothers Manfred and Klaus Hammes. Manfred was a lifelong sufferer from asthma and saw that his asthma flared up around coal ovens, which were growing in popularity in the 1960s. In 1963, the brothers developed a simple air filter that attached to this type of oven, and the filter helped him reduce his asthma flare-ups while the oven was in use.

IQAir has since expanded across the world. They were chosen in Asia for their expertise in air purification to help stop the spread of SARS – their purification devices were installed in hundreds of airports across China and helped contain the virus.

IQair HealthPro Plus

Today, IQAir filtration systems help millions of homes around the world have the healthiest air anywhere. The company has been honored to receive records for their high ratings and reviews on all of their available products.


Upon entering the website, you will be greeted with a map that shows air quality around the world. You can enter your country, city, or location and find out the quality of the air where you currently are.

IQAir also has tabs that contain information on how they help the community, the products they sell, and the solutions that they have to combat worldwide pollution.

Under community, IQAir has lessons on how any individual can set up public air quality monitoring stations. They describe how important it is for underdeveloped countries to get basic air quality data, especially considering that low air quality causes 1 in 9 deaths worldwide. This number is likely far higher in underdeveloped locations. You can help make the world safer and fight against air quality by supporting IQAir’s mission.

IQAir Products

Upon viewing the products currently available, the star of the show is IQAir’s HealthPro Series of air purifiers. This system has received more top reviews and awards than any other air purifier system in the world.

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IQAir filtration systems are the most powerful systems that exist – they are certified to filter out at least 99.5% of all particles in the air. This means that they aren’t simply filtering dust and viruses; they filter ultrafine particles, gases, and odors.

Consumers Digest Magazine named the HealthPro system a Best Buy for its ability to reduce allergens. It’s the #1 choice for all asthma and allergy sufferers. The technology used is completely safe for families; it does not generate any dangerous ions, ozone, or UV. You have no need to risk your health when it comes to IQAir; don’t pick a low-quality product when IQAir offers protection against airborne illnesses without any harmful byproducts.

IQAir Commercial Solutions

IQAir doesn’t have products just for residential homes; they protect and maintain high air quality in schools, hospitals and clinics, dental and doctors’ offices, laboratories, hotels, and museums.

It’s proven that air quality affects student academic performance. Not only can children bring in a large variety of illness, children are particularly vulnerable to illnesses spread by low air quality. IQAir has worked extensively with school districts and governments to provide air cleaning technology that’s quiet and effective for groups of students.

It goes without saying that hospitals and doctors’ offices need to have high quality air. Air filter requirements vary by location, but hospitals face the unique challenge of being extremely large. Infectious diseases are particularly concerning in doctors’ offices due to the number of ill people that go to the hospital; that is the hospital’s purpose after all.

IQAir works with hospitals to create unique solutions according to their individual needs. They provide powerful technology to keep the air clean while remaining quiet and unnoticeable. It’s an incredible service that keeps millions of people who attend hospitals from contracting illnesses.

Final Thoughts on

Through their cutting-edge technology, worldwide services, and top of the line products, IQAir has revolutionized air filtration systems and has helped save thousands of lives. Their products provide safety and security to people with bad allergies and asthma and keep millions of people entering commercial areas safe every day.

Even without your knowledge, you rely on IQAir technology to keep yourself safe every time you go into the public. You have probably relied on their filtration systems in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, and hotels. It’s about time the place you spend the most time in has the same level of protection: your home. Don’t put off creating a healthy home through IQAir purification technology; you and your family deserve to have a safe and healthy home. – For Your Entertainment – For Your Entertainment

What does FYE mean?

FYE stands for “For Your Entertainment”.

A lot of people shop online these days. The internet has made it easier than ever to find what you are looking for, be it mundane such as towels or a rare novel long out of print. In fact, online shopping is great for finding memorabilia and entertainment media that can be hard to find in shops or even on some websites. Sites dedicated to such products are often easier to navigate than larger sites like Amazon and ebay.

FYE - For Your Entertainment is one of those sites. For Your Entertainment, or FYE, was founded in 1973 before the internet even existed. Their goal, as declared by the website itself, is to “offer a unique entertainment perspective through innovative and creative products that further the connection between our customer and entertainment.”

FYE - For Your Entertainment – Shopping on the Website

CD’s, DVD’s, and figures can all be found on the website, if you know where to look. For example, say you wanted something related to Godzilla. Typing the query into the search bar reveals a delightful mix of American and Japanese materials, including a Blu-ray edition of Godzilla Versus King Kong (an exclusive according to the site)!

FYE - For Your Entertainment

You can also search by category. By going to “Music” and selecting “Metal” I get a fair few results. On the left side of the screen I can narrow my search with filters. I can filter by whether or not the item is exclusive to the site, by franchise (band in this case) format, condition, and price. Format offers CD and vinyl versions. This is important since vinyl is coming back for the first time in decades. Searching for just vinyl reveals quite a few results. There is not an option to search within those results however, so if I wanted to I would have to go back to the main search bar.

FYE - For Your Entertainment

Buying Used on

There’s a used section too. Though you can’t currently sell to, they have a sister site that you can sell to, and the Used section of FYE still has plenty of deals on offer for those not too fussed on looks as long as the product works.

Since the site started as a brick and mortar store, there is a store locator. There stores are more numerous than you might at first think, and a quick search of my area revealed more than three stores within a fair bit of driving distance. While not necessary for those shopping online, the stores themselves offer a few features, such as selling used materials to, that make the feature and knowing if there are any stores around handy.

FYE - For Your Entertainment

Final Thoughts on

Online shopping is fun and can be easy if you know where to go to find what you want. You wouldn’t look in an antique shop for the latest action figures, and you wouldn’t look on ebay for an antique rifle. Knowing where to look is the key to finding what you want. FYE understands this and is dedicated to pop culture and entertainment merchandise. They know what they’re good at and they stick to it so shoppers can find what they want.