Western Digital

Western Digital

Have you ever seen the inside of a computer? How about a phone, a television set, or a DVD player? Every electronic device, simple looking on the outside, is crammed with complex technology that makes it run. As a child, it always looked like a landscape with greens and blues; it was amusing breaking open old computers and looking inside.


Now, with a little bit more knowledge, it’s fascinating to know just how much work goes into technology. From the storage, to the circuit board, phones and computers are increasingly complex as time and technology progress.

Western Digital has been a groundbreaking company in technology for decades. Their products, solutions, and innovations have consistently been the highest quality available products on the market; the company is decorated with fantastic reviews and amazing rewards for their work.

Whether you know it or not, Western Digital is involved in every aspect of modern technology; they make the technological advances that once seemed impossible come to life. The products they have available, from computer hard drives to high tech USB drives, are all top of the line and out-perform every other brand in their class.

About Western Digital


Western Digital was founded on April 23, 1970; in fact, the company is about to celebrate 50 years since its inception. The seeds of the company and the ideas it’s founded on were thought up as far back as 1956; it’s a company that has proven itself time and time again.

The company was started by Alvin B. Phillips, an employee of Motorola. It was originally named General Digital but took on its current name in 1971. Throughout its 50 years of business, it has been instrumental in the development of computer systems and technological advances of all kinds.

Western Digital prides itself in being involved in your life in many ways; be it in your cell phone, car, home, or in the cloud, they don’t take the responsibility lightly. That’s why they are dedicated to fueling technological advancement. Today, they offer high tech computing power in the source of storage platforms, data center drives, embedded and removeable flash drives, and internal drives.


Navigating Shop.WesternDigital.com

Upon visiting the shop, you’ll be greeted with the philosophy behind every Western Digital product: a clean, technologically advanced look covers the website. You’ll see images of the products available for sale: ultra-fast, high-performance storage drives and terabyte sized microSD cards.

There are three simple tabs at the top of the website: shop, explore, and support.

Under the shop tab, you’ll see all of the products that are available for sale. They have some of the highest quality products available on the market, including brands like Sandisk and G-Technology. There is also a section for discounted products. Finally, at the bottom of the tab, you’ll see the option to sign up for the Western Digital newsletter and receive 10% off your first order.

The explore tab has a ton of information about the computing power, gaming, apps, and entertainment that Western Digital has been involved in.

The support tab is a link to the customer service department at Western Digital, which will be detailed further throughout this article.



Within the products tab, you will see a list of 11 different products that are available through Western Digital. There are no better products available on any corner of the internet. These products are: Portable Drives, USB Flash Drives, External Desktop Drives, Memory Cards, Internal Drives, Personal Cloud / NAS, Accessories, Solid State (SSD), Hard Drive (HDD), Surveillance, and MP3 Players.

Popular IQair Products
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Western Digital My Book View Price
Western Digital Elements Portable View Price

Admittedly, seeing MP3 players may seem like a blast from the past, but these players are extremely small and cheap, making them perfect for runners or for times when you don’t want to carry around a clunky phone.


Western Digital carries products for every situation, including products you’ve probably never heard of or imagined. For example, many people think that iPhones cannot be upgraded with extra external data; Western Digital will prove you wrong! They carry mini flash drives for iPhones, complete with the lightning attachment giving you external storage for photos, videos, and apps.


For any sort of internal or external data needs, check out Western Digital’s products. You might be surprised to find products that fit your exact needs that you didn’t know existed. And here’s another great thing about Western Digital – every single order has free shipping!

Customer Service

A perk of shopping through an online company that has existed for over 50 years is that you can verify the quality of the company, its products, and its customer service.

Western Digital shines with a bright history of solid and reliable products and responsive customer service. They also have a generous return policy and solid warranties included with every product. Every product can be returned for a full refund within 30 days, and any product that has defects within 30 days can also be fully refunded or replaced without any questions.


If you need any sort of support, simply click on the support tab at the top of the shop website and get started by picking the brand your product is from. You’ll be directed to a page where you can find instant answers to your questions through prewritten articles or you can request service directly from a representative.

The support tab also has a list of FAQs related to shipping, warranties, returns, order status, and a tab to contact the company with any other needs.

Final Thoughts

The longevity of Western Digital is proof that the company has stood the test of time and produced stellar products over its lifetime. All of their products have received high reviews and are proof that having great customer service over the long haul has great benefits for a company.


When searching for any kind of computer needs, including hard drives for computers and internal and external storage, the best place to look is shop.westerndigital.com. You will find high quality products, free shipping on every order, and great customer service. Don’t hesitate to find the products that you need – the products are worth every penny.

FYE.com – For Your Entertainment

FYE.com – For Your Entertainment

What does FYE mean?

FYE stands for “For Your Entertainment”.

A lot of people shop online these days. The internet has made it easier than ever to find what you are looking for, be it mundane such as towels or a rare novel long out of print. In fact, online shopping is great for finding memorabilia and entertainment media that can be hard to find in shops or even on some websites. Sites dedicated to such products are often easier to navigate than larger sites like Amazon and ebay.

FYE - For Your Entertainment

FYE.com is one of those sites. For Your Entertainment, or FYE, was founded in 1973 before the internet even existed. Their goal, as declared by the website itself, is to “offer a unique entertainment perspective through innovative and creative products that further the connection between our customer and entertainment.”

FYE - For Your Entertainment

FYE.com – Shopping on the Website

CD’s, DVD’s, and figures can all be found on the website, if you know where to look. For example, say you wanted something related to Godzilla. Typing the query into the search bar reveals a delightful mix of American and Japanese materials, including a Blu-ray edition of Godzilla Versus King Kong (an FYE.com exclusive according to the site)!

FYE - For Your Entertainment

You can also search by category. By going to “Music” and selecting “Metal” I get a fair few results. On the left side of the screen I can narrow my search with filters. I can filter by whether or not the item is exclusive to the site, by franchise (band in this case) format, condition, and price. Format offers CD and vinyl versions. This is important since vinyl is coming back for the first time in decades. Searching for just vinyl reveals quite a few results. There is not an option to search within those results however, so if I wanted to I would have to go back to the main search bar.

FYE - For Your Entertainment

Buying Used on FYE.com

There’s a used section too. Though you can’t currently sell to FYE.com, they have a sister site that you can sell to, and the Used section of FYE still has plenty of deals on offer for those not too fussed on looks as long as the product works.

Since the site started as a brick and mortar store, there is a store locator. There stores are more numerous than you might at first think, and a quick search of my area revealed more than three stores within a fair bit of driving distance. While not necessary for those shopping online, the stores themselves offer a few features, such as selling used materials to, that make the feature and knowing if there are any stores around handy.

FYE - For Your Entertainment

Final Thoughts on FYE.com

Online shopping is fun and can be easy if you know where to go to find what you want. You wouldn’t look in an antique shop for the latest action figures, and you wouldn’t look on ebay for an antique rifle. Knowing where to look is the key to finding what you want. FYE.com understands this and is dedicated to pop culture and entertainment merchandise. They know what they’re good at and they stick to it so shoppers can find what they want.