As someone who has worked a variety of jobs in my life, I can personally vouch for the importance of a good pair of shoes. Not just sturdy or slip resistant, they also need to be comfortable. If you’re on your feet for multiple hours at a stretch, only able to sit when you take a break or use the can, your footwear better take care of your feet or you will not only be in pain, the pain will be potentially crippling in the long term. Take care of your feet, and they will take care of you.

This is all especially true for nurses, who are overworked, overstressed, and almost constantly on their feet for hours on end. Enter, an online shoe store with nurses and their feet in mind. The site is direct and to the point. You know what you’re looking at the moment the site loads. They offer accessories such as watches, bags, and compression socks for extra comfort. They also sell scrubs. The main attraction, of course, is their shoe selection. shoe selection is staggering in the variety and detail they offer. Though the bulk of the shoes are meant for female nurses, they offer a men’s section to make sure male nurses and hospital staff can receive the same comfort as their female counterparts.

Shoes For Nurses

The site offers slip-on shoes for easy use, lace up shoes for footwear stability, and slip resistant shoes for obvious reasons. The shoes come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the varied scrub colors used throughout a hospital. They also offer free shipping on orders over $40, which isn’t hard to do when purchasing shoes and matching socks.

In fact, the shoes tend to run around the $60-$70 mark, which is to be expected when buying quality footwear. I’ve bought cheaper shoes meant for heavy use and they didn’t even last a month before falling apart, so I have no problem paying a little more for a more durable shoe that provides comfort, foot care, and safety on the job place. Shoes can be navigated based on type, color, price, or popularity, making it easy to pick the right shoe for the right job that you know will last and do what the advertising says it will.

As the cherry on top, offers a lot of Wide sizes. As someone stuck wearing a slightly too large shoe to save money and compensating with thicker socks, any site that offers wide-sized shoes is aces in my book. They also provide Medium sizes too. While it’s not guaranteed you’ll find your shoe size, they offer enough sizes that it’s a good bet they have what they need, and if not, they have the socks to compensate.

Shopping for shoes is serious business if you spend all day on your feet. understands this and is dedicated to providing quality footwear at quality prices. Don’t risk saving a few bucks on inferior shoes. Buy a quality product from a quality site so you know your feet will be safe and comfortable, and so will you.