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Not every store and site is the same when it comes to women’s clothing and apparel. Some focus on a specific niche. Victoria’s Secret is a good example of this. They know their brand and stick to it, even if it’s not entirely reasonable in the modern world. is another such niche site. Their niche is trendy fashion and they stick to that. The site itself proudly declares that they are “an amazing online shopping destination where you’ll find dresses, tops, pants and more! Our commitment is to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at stunning factory direct prices along with a class-leading customer service experience to our worldwide community of customers.”

The site has ten plus years of experience with brick and mortar shopping, and they bring those skills to their site as well. The categories are what you’d expect from a shopping site. Dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, accessories and a sales section are the main sections to peruse outside of the general search bar. The site also offers a sales section and a fair few discount and coupon offerings. To top it off, the site features an extensive customer service section. Sometimes clothes and the like get damaged during travel, so it’s understandable that customers might complain. A good customer response is the sign of a caring company, not necessarily a company with a lot of issues.

Navigating is easy and the clothes and other goods on sale are easy to look at and compare. The prices are perfectly reasonable for the quality on offer, and sales and discounts are aplenty depending on the product and the season. Finding an outfit or a pair of shoes that match what you have, or might start a new line of outfits for your wardrobe is easy on the site. Though some might prefer to buy their clothes in person, the colors and styles available on this site are many and varied.

Plenty of sites selling clothes state that they offer the latest in fashions and accessories. declares it offers trendy, quality clothing that transcends such notions as fashion fads and the like. The clothes, shoes, and accessories they offer are quality products that are designed to match something you already wear or start you on a new path of clothing choices and outfits. Even if you’re not sure of what you are looking for in new clothing, is likely to have something you’ll like at a reasonable price. If not, they might just have a good discount on offer for what you want to buy.

Discovering the Jeans

Jeans are probably the most popular piece of clothing in the world. Regardless of where you go, look around and you’ll see that pretty much everyone is wearing jeans. And there are tons of reasons why. Jeans are convenient. - Jeans

Jeans go with everything. With almost any outfit, a quality pair of jeans will complete a fantastic look. Now that jeans are being made with stretch fabric and high quality, soft materials, they can often feel like sweats but look like classy pairs of pants. Even though everyone wears jeans, they can be used to make a look unique and everyone wears them differently.

Now, here’s the issue. Because of the insane popularity of jeans, companies have realized that even if they don’t produce the highest quality of clothing, the jeans will still be purchased. It can be hard to know where to go to find good looking, stylish jeans that still fit your budget.

Enter They set out to produce high quality, affordable jeans that look fantastic and follow the trends. They don’t have the same environmental issues related to the huge companies that are focused on corporate profits; they have a goal and a passion for sustainability and charity.

About noticed the issue with all of the big manufacturers of clothing: too many of them prioritize profits over their employees and quick fixes to the environment. They don’t create clothing in a sustainable way. set out to change that by creating a pair of jeans that doesn’t negatively impact the environment or the lives of their employees.

On the website, Dl1961 talks about their efforts made for sustainability. All of their premium fibers are created in-house and are high retention fabrics; that means they will fit to your form and create your best fit.

Rather than using materials that are damaging to the environment, uses a long staple cotton in their jeans that is either Global Organic, Organic Content, or Recycled Standard. That means that all of the materials they are using are healthy and friendly for the environment, with many of them being recycled. - Men's Styles

Also, the different fibers that they use are made from cellulose, which comes from a renewable wood source. These fibers are known for being biodegradable, which means that the pants won’t end up in oceans or landfills forever; at the end of their life they will be recycled or biodegrade.

Every part of the operations is created and optimized to be environmentally friendly. Even outside of the actual creation of the jeans, dl1961 uses solar power to help offset their carbon footprint and 98% of the water they use is reintroduced and recycled into the system. There’s truly no guilt when you shop with dl1961.


When entering the website, you’ll instantly tell that the website is designed just like the jeans they sell: clean and minimalistic but still sleek and fancy. There are six different tabs at the top of the screen. These are women, men, kids, pets, sustainability, and sale. The sustainability tab is detailed above; below, the rest will be discussed. Each of these tabs are well constructed and fit the theme of the website.


When hovering the mouse over the tab for options for women, you’ll see nearly a hundred different options for available jeans. It’s actually quite incredible how many different styles of jeans are available. Every single look you’re wanting to find is available on; you don’t have to sacrifice your style to get jeans that are affordable and eco-friendly. You’ll see categories like skinny, straight, wide leg, petite, and even maternity, bootcut, tall, and tons more.

Men actually have just as many options, which was surprising but nice because they are often underrepresented in clothing. They also have a variety of other denim clothing options available, such as chinos, shorts, and jackets.

Kids have a ton of different styles of jeans available for all ages, from infants to teens. Most of the styles available for adults are also available for kids which makes for some potentially cute matching outfits.

Pets - Pet Jean Jacket

The options available for pets are all extremely stylish and the photos of the models are hilarious. There are pants and jackets available for pets of all different shapes and sizes. Though they are mainly produced for dogs, it seems like there are a lot of different options available for animals of all sizes. It’s recommended that even if you don’t have a pet you go and check out this page just so you can see all of the cute animals wearing their denim jackets and jeans. - Pet Jacket


The final page on the website from the main six tabs is the sale tab, which includes sales available for dozens of different jeans. There are three different categories available under the sales page: men, women, and kids.

Here’s another great thing about – they offer free domestic shipping and free returns, which makes every purchase you make completely risk free. Keep in mind that your returns must be within 30 days and must have all their original tags on. Also, if you are going for an exchange, you can get an instant refund before you’ve even returned the clothes! That way, you can get your exchange as quickly as possible. - Pet Jacket

Also, remember that internationally shipped sales are not eligible for returns.

Final Thoughts is the only website in the world that sells jeans while completely maintaining fantastic environmental standards. The company is based in New York and all of their clothes are designed in the US, which means that you’re guaranteed to get American quality products at very affordable prices.

Each pair is made using recycled materials, and even the building where the jeans are fabricated is run off of solar power; your footprint when you purchase these jeans is practically zero. And whatever style you want is available; go look and find the exact product you want! You are guaranteed to find something you like; and if you don’t find anything for yourself, you can find something awesome for your dog!

As someone who has worked a variety of jobs in my life, I can personally vouch for the importance of a good pair of shoes. Not just sturdy or slip resistant, they also need to be comfortable. If you’re on your feet for multiple hours at a stretch, only able to sit when you take a break or use the can, your footwear better take care of your feet or you will not only be in pain, the pain will be potentially crippling in the long term. Take care of your feet, and they will take care of you.

This is all especially true for nurses, who are overworked, overstressed, and almost constantly on their feet for hours on end. Enter, an online shoe store with nurses and their feet in mind. The site is direct and to the point. You know what you’re looking at the moment the site loads. They offer accessories such as watches, bags, and compression socks for extra comfort. They also sell scrubs. The main attraction, of course, is their shoe selection. shoe selection is staggering in the variety and detail they offer. Though the bulk of the shoes are meant for female nurses, they offer a men’s section to make sure male nurses and hospital staff can receive the same comfort as their female counterparts.

Shoes For Nurses

The site offers slip-on shoes for easy use, lace up shoes for footwear stability, and slip resistant shoes for obvious reasons. The shoes come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the varied scrub colors used throughout a hospital. They also offer free shipping on orders over $40, which isn’t hard to do when purchasing shoes and matching socks.

In fact, the shoes tend to run around the $60-$70 mark, which is to be expected when buying quality footwear. I’ve bought cheaper shoes meant for heavy use and they didn’t even last a month before falling apart, so I have no problem paying a little more for a more durable shoe that provides comfort, foot care, and safety on the job place. Shoes can be navigated based on type, color, price, or popularity, making it easy to pick the right shoe for the right job that you know will last and do what the advertising says it will.

As the cherry on top, offers a lot of Wide sizes. As someone stuck wearing a slightly too large shoe to save money and compensating with thicker socks, any site that offers wide-sized shoes is aces in my book. They also provide Medium sizes too. While it’s not guaranteed you’ll find your shoe size, they offer enough sizes that it’s a good bet they have what they need, and if not, they have the socks to compensate.

Shopping for shoes is serious business if you spend all day on your feet. understands this and is dedicated to providing quality footwear at quality prices. Don’t risk saving a few bucks on inferior shoes. Buy a quality product from a quality site so you know your feet will be safe and comfortable, and so will you.