Golf Bags – Carry Clubs & Golf Accessories While You Play

Golf Bags – Carry Clubs & Golf Accessories While You Play

There are some items which you simply cannot do without when playing a round of golf, one of which is the golf bag. It is thought golf bags came into use during the 1880’s, at a time when the number of clubs used during a round of golf made it impossible to carry them individually.  The original golf bags were made of canvas or leather and had one small hole at the top of the bag in which all the clubs were held. However, as the game continued to develop, so did the clubs and the bags.  The original bags were too small for the size and variety of the clubs. New, lighter materials were used to make them, including nylon and plastic.

Development continued to the modern day with the addition of pockets for balls, tees and other equipment. Regardless of whether you would like to use a golf bag or not, you have very little choice if you would like to play a round of golf.  You need a golf bag to carry all your clubs around the course as it would be impossible to do so otherwise. Having the bag on your shoulder may not be a pleasant experience for 18 holes of golf but you can always use a trolley to lighten the load. The modern golf bag has several compartments, both in the main body of the bag and on the exterior of the bag.

The main hole of the golf bag is divided into sections and this allows you to organize your golf clubs.  You can place the golf clubs in your bag in order you wish but it is best to have them organized in a way which makes them easy for you to find during a round. For example, you could start with the driver at the top of the bag and work your way down to the putter at the bottom of the bag.  This makes it easy when searching for a club during a round and saves time.

The other pockets on the golf bag can be used to store spare balls, tees and anything else you like to take with you, such as a towel. When buying a golf bag, there are a few things you must keep in mind.  If you plan to use a trolley with your bag, you will need to buy one which is designed to fit on a trolley and this will make it much easier to use.  If you plan on carrying your bag, you could opt for a pencil golf bag, which is slimmer and lighter. If you like to play golf on holiday, you will need a travel golf bag.  These are designed to protect the golf bag you use on the course while traveling and you simply place your golf bag inside the travel bag.

Finally, think about how many pockets you need when playing golf.  If you regularly play in a hot country for example, you may need to carry sun protection with you at all times and this will need a pocket of its own.  It is best to keep items such as balls, tees, repair tools, sun cream, towels etc separate. Keep that in mind when buying a golf bag.